EU Pig Prices: Market Balanced - Quotations Still Steady

24 August 2016, at 12:00am

EU - The European pig slaughter market appears to be set in stone this week.

The quotations are pointing sideward for another week in a row. Across the borders, the market situation is both steady and well balanced.

The general supply of pigs for slaughter does not seem to be plentiful and is met by good demand.

There is no denying, however, of the fact that the meat market has been very calm most recently. As a consequence, there is not much room left for possible price increases.

Although 15 August has been a public holiday in some German states, no negative effects could be traced on the European market. The slaughter weights, which had fallen below 93 kg because of the hot temperatures, went up to 93.5 kg again in France. Imbalance did not originate from this.

Trend for the German market: No considerable change is foreseeable currently in market development. The lot sizes are developing in a stable way. Supply shortage or increase is not indicated. Depending on the weather conditions and the barbecuing the holidaymakers are enjoying after their returning home, the prices are expected to remain at least unchanged.

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