EU Pig Prices: Quotations on a Steady Level

17 August 2016, at 12:00am

EU - No change has appeared so far this week in the European pig slaughter market.

The quotations are moving sideward repeatedly in almost all EU member countries. With the trend being towards scarce supply and weak domestic demand, the market is reported to develop in an overall smooth way.

The Italian quotation alone has gone upward over the past week.

Once again, Germany did not reach the price increase which had been hoped for. Thus, the route of march has basically been indicated for many other countries as well.

This also goes for Austria, where the quantities of live pigs on offer went down by five to eight per cent over the last eight weeks, thus falling below last year’s figures. This was reported by the VLV (association of producers finishing pigs).

In France, the quantities on offer are also sold without problems. So the slaughter weights went down by another 300 g, down to less than 93 kg.

In regards to the trend of a scarce supply situation, no price-changing effects are being expected to surface even if Monday was a public holiday (Assumption Day) in Austria, France, Spain and Italy.

Trend for the German market: The atmosphere basically continues to be friendly on the local markets. The quantities on offer are being well demanded and are sold smoothly. With the weather finally being summerlike again and the holidaymakers returning home by and by, the domestic meat market might be boosted at last.

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