PIC Launches New Nutrient Specifications Manual

3 August 2016, at 12:00am

GLOBAL - PIC is excited to introduce the new Nutrient Specification Manual. This new manual provides detailed nutritional recommendations to help producers realise the most value from pigs with PIC genetics.

Our recommendations are based on published research, PIC internal research, and large-scale commercial experiments and the manual has been peer-reviewed by 12 world-class nutritionists.

The manual summarises principles and decision making in diet formulation, lays out how different nutrients can help fulfil those dietary formulation principles and finally, it details how the basic nutrition concepts vary for pigs depending on their phase of production. In the appendix, you will find the latest nutrient specification tables that you can use to optimise the diets for successful nutrition of PIC pigs.

This is a dynamic manual, and PIC will continue to update this manual as new research becomes available. PIC will share them with you through nutrition updates and the PIC website. To receive regular PIC updates, please sign up here.

To have full access to the new imperial PIC nutrient specifications manual, please click here. We encourage you to review this manual and reach out to our nutrition team with any questions.

The Spanish and metric versions of the manual will be available for download in approximately 30 days.

Click here to download

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