Hypor Maxter Outperforms Top Boars in Feed Gain and Carcass Quality According to Recent Field Trial

22 September 2016, at 12:00am

GERMANY - Hypor Maxter, the fastest growing Piétrain globally, is now also outperforming top boars in carcass quality according to a recent trial at LWK Niedersachsen, Germany.

The 2015-2016 trial compared the average daily gain and slaughter performance of the Hypor Maxter to the PIC boar 408 and the BHZP db.77® boar.

“We are extremely satisfied with the results,” says Hypor director of global operations and services Jeroen van de Camp. “The German market demands a high quality carcass, and we know that compared to the competition the Hypor Maxter is ‘hitting the grid’ for meat quality.”

Groups of 80 pigs from each boar were tested for carcass quality, such as drip loss, back fat, muscle depth and the overall meat percentage. The Hypor Maxter showed strong results in carcass performance and had the lowest drip loss of the three boars: Hypor Maxter had a 2.47 percent drip loss while the other boars had a drip loss of 3.80 percent and 2.80 percent respectively in the group housed pigs. A low drip loss is a low yield loss for the meat packer and high quality meat for the consumer.

“The European market is very focused on meat value and lean carcasses, and the Hypor Maxter is doing well to meet that demand,” van de Camp says.
In addition to grading high for carcass quality, the Hypor Maxter continues to outperform in daily gain.

Hypor Maxter averaged a daily gain of 1,007 grams (2.22 pounds) compared to the other boars that averaged a daily gain of 941 grams (2.07 pounds) and 942grams (2.08 pounds) in the group housed pigs

“The Hypor Maxter is ahead of the game when it comes to growth rate,” van de Camp says, adding that pork producers need uniform pigs that grow fast in order to utilize the full capacity of their farm.

The combination of high daily gain in relation to the slaughter value gives the Hypor Maxter an economical advantage over the other boars in the trial.

“At the end of the day, the pig that brings in more income per square meter of farm is the most economical for the producer,” van de Camp says. “It’s critical that we give our customers the best genetics that will help them earn more euros.”

Further trials comparing the Hypor Maxter to other leading European boars are scheduled throughout 2016. “To be able to help our customers we need to know where our products stand in the market,” van de Camp says. “We are very pleased to see the Hypor Maxter performing at the top".