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Percentage of British Pork Facings Dropped Back in July

5 September 2016, at 12:00am

UK - According to the latest Porkwatch data, the number of British pork facings in July 2016 was 1 per cent back, to 82 per cent, on the same period a year earlier, although it was 3 per cent up, to 79 per cent, on the last survey conducted in May 2016.

AHDB Pork continually encourages retailers to source Quality Standard pork and pork products. Pork Watch is managed by AHDB, with store audits conducted by ESA Retail across a sample of stores.

Of all the major retailers, only Lidl increased the percentage of British pork facings on last year, by 7 per cent, to 95 per cent.

Asda and Tesco both reduced the percentage of British facings, by 6 per cent and 2 per cent respectively, to 57 per cent and 61 per cent.

All the other major retailers stood on at last year’s levels, and continued to offer exclusively 100 per cent British pork.

British bacon facings were 5 per cent back on the year earlier, to 46 per cent. This was largely driven by a fall from Aldi (-19 per cent), Sainsbury’s (-22 per cent) and Tesco (-10 per cent).

However, Asda and Lidl both posted increases in the percentage of their British bacon facings, by 20 per cent and 21 per cent respectively.

Only Marks & Spencer and Waitrose continued to offer exclusively British bacon.

British ham facings were back 2 per cent in July, to 65 per cent, on the year earlier, with a 24 per cent decline from Lidl being the largest mover of the retailers. Sausage facings stood on at last year’s levels, at 84 per cent.

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