EU Pig Prices: Pressure from Germany Is Passed, Quotations Going Down

13 October 2016, at 12:00am

EU - This current week, the pig slaughter market has exerted considerable pressure on almost all EU member countries.

In many countries, this price pressure for the most part is being attributed to the pressure from Germany.

On Wednesday, the German quotation went down by another 6 cents as a result of the massive pressure exerted by the processing side.

The Dutch and Austrian quotations both went down by a similar scale. The Austrian live-animals’ market could be cleared almost completely.

The slaughter weights are speaking of a good demand/supply balance, as states the Austrian VLV with regard to the market situation. The pig feeders’ readiness for delivery which was raised most recently in Austria was attributed to the feeders’ uncertainty, just as it was in Germany.

Spain and France remained slightly below the German price decrease with their markdowns. The French meat prices are very much under pressure currently. According to a French market participant, fewer pigs are slaughtered in France at present. In Belgium, the price for pigs for slaughter even slid down by a corrected 7.2 cents.

In Great Britain the quotation went up, yet after being corrected to the ISN standard was reduced considerably as a result of the British pound’s price slump.

Trend for the German market: At the beginning of the week, the domestic pigs for slaughter seemed to stabilise. The slaughter companies are carrying out slaughters at full capacity. So the backlog supply which piled up last week is sold ever better.

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