EU Pig Prices: Price Decline Slows

27 October 2016, at 12:00am

EU - There was further pressure on the European pig market recently as market prices in almost all EU member countries went down again.

However, the latest price decrease in Germany was far more moderate than over the past weeks.

From Austria, there are reports of a balanced market situation. According to the Austrian agricultural producers, the food retailing industry’s fresh meat promotion activities currently form the driving force there.

Altogether, the markdowns ranked from a corrected minus 2 cents in the Netherlands to a maximum 6 cents in France. The French pig market will have been influenced over the past two weeks because of two days of public holiday. According to a market participant, French slaughter companies are slaughtering less pigs currently as a result of this. Reports from Spain say there is ongoing competitive pressure from the export business with the USA.

Trends on the German market:

The domestic pig market is slowly relaxing, but uncertainty is still observed. In some regions, the quantities of live pigs are no longer as pressing as they have been over the past weeks.

Demand on the meat market, too, is said to have improved in some parts of the country. Whether or not the bottom has already been reached will be apparent over the next few days.

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