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EU Pig Prices: Supply Outstrips Demand – Quotations under Pressure

19 October 2016, at 12:00am

EU - Pressure still continues to be exerted on the European pig slaughter market this week.

Across the borders, the price barometer is pointing downward. Almost all quotations went down considerably. The price decreases are ranging from a corrected just under 3 cents in Denmark to a sound leading 6 cents in France.

All in all, the demand for pigs is falling below the live-pigs’ quantities. On top of that, the competition pressure is quite severe in the export business. That goes for pigs from the USA in particular where pig production has been considerably extended most recently.

The German quotation continually could not escape the processing side’s pressure. So for the third time in a row, the price went down in Germany. Thus, the current price level meanwhile falls by 17 cents below the level of three weeks ago. This is a trend the neighbouring countries as well as the other EU member countries cannot withstand, too.

Trend for the German market:
Reducing the backlog supply which still exists on the live animals’ market is going on to be reduced, however is not yet completed. The market participants’ uncertainty is still being felt.

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