MRSA Detected in Norwegian Pig Herd

14 November 2016, at 12:00am

NORWAY - MRSA bacteria have been detected in a fattening herd located in Haugalandet.

Samples were taken from the farm as part of the Food Safety Authority's (FSA) monitoring and mapping programme. The National Veterinary Institute has now analysed the samples and confirmed that this is MRSA .

All MRSA variants can be transmitted between humans and animals.

On farms where MRSA has been detected, animals are not allowed to be moved in or out of the farm without a special agreement from the FSA.

The pigs will be farmed as normal. It is not dangerous to eat the meat.

"After the animals are sent to slaughter the farmer must conduct thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises where the animals have stayed, to ensure that we get rid of MRSA bacteria and thus ensure that the infection does not spread," says section chief Jarl Inge Alne, FSA.

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