September US Meat Exports Above Previous Year

9 November 2016, at 12:00am

US - USDA’s Economic Research Service posted their September summarisation of international trade for the livestock and poultry sectors, writes the Steiner Consulting Group.

For meat they convert the raw product tonnage data to a carcass equivalent weight and poultry to a Ready-to-Cook (RTC) weight.

In September, US meat and poultry exports were above a year ago, especially for beef (up 30 per cent), broiler (up 22 per cent), and turkey (up 33 per cent). Pork shipments gained year-over-year by 3 per cent. As can be seen in the provided graphics, year ago levels of beef and broiler exports were very depressed.

US beef exports for the month of September were above a year earlier to every major country. Japan remained the top beef destination in terms of tonnage, followed by South Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada, respectively.

Mexico remained the largest foreign pork market, followed in order by Japan, Canada, and China (Mainland). The biggest foreign markets for both US broiler and turkey has been, and remains, Mexico.

Turning to US imports, September’s tonnage was below a year ago for both beef (down 24 per cent year-over-year) and pork (down 8 per cent compared to 2015’s).

The drop in beef imported tonnage (USDA compiles fresh and frozen) was driven by Australia, which shipped 67 per cent fewer pounds to the US than a year ago.

Imports from New Zealand also dropped compared to a year earlier (down 33 per cent).

US beef imports did increase year-over-year from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Uruguay. In September, the two major foreign suppliers of pork to the US (Canada and the European Union) both sold less tonnage than a year earlier.

US cattle (i.e. live animal) imports during September were below a year ago, animals from both Mexico and Canada dropped compared to 2015’s by a combined 26 per cent, or by more than 38,000 head.

The bulk of that decline was feeder cattle imported from Mexico (down over 36,000 head for the month). Essentially, the US only imports cattle from those two countries.

Pragmatically, Canada is the source of hogs imported by the US, the bulk of which are feeder pigs. Hog imports in September from Canada were up 4 per cent year-over-year.

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