EU Pig Prices: Quotations Steady to Increasing

14 December 2016, at 12:00am

EU - The positive trend is continuing for some quotations on the European pig slaughter market. The quotations are partly stabilising on the level achieved.

With its latest plus of a corrected 3 cents, the German leading quotation points vigorously forward. This must be attributed to the ongoing brisk demand for live pigs.

The Belgian and Dutch quotations are going up in a slightly more moderate way, that is to say by a corrected 2.4 and 2.1 cents respectively. In the Netherlands, a 1-cent plus could be realised.

In Spain and France, where unchanged quotations have been reported on over the past few weeks, the quotation was moving sideward again.

The Danish quotation has been going up three times in a row most recently and is now holding its ground on the price level achieved. For three weeks now, Denmark has been ranking first in the European price structure of the five EU member countries most important in pig keeping. After the latest price increase and its current price level of a corrected 1.566 euros, Germany is hard on Denmark’s heels.

Trend for the German market:

The domestic pig slaughter market begins the new calendar week in a relaxed and friendly manner. With a view on the Christmas days ahead, one notes that the demand remains extensive and that the live-animals’ market is cleared.

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