EU Pig Prices: Quotations Under Pressure

5 January 2017, at 12:00am

EU - The European pig keepers feel quite limited in their feeling Christmas joy. For the second time in a row, most of the quotations went down to a more than somewhat clear extent.

The price slide was triggered by the demand of the German slaughter companies for massive price decreases, which has unfortunately been successful. As a result of that, the market appeared quite unsettled. The producers tended to increase readiness for delivery. Many EU member countries were affected by this unsettledness.

Discontent is extensive altogether. Many market participants agree on the idea that the market would have remained balanced if the German meat processing business had not wilfully blazed abroad the price pressure.

After the most recent and quite excessive 8 cents’ minus reported on in Germany, many other quotations also went down noticeably.

The Austrian market began to totter to an extent suitable to cause the quotation to go down almost as far as it has in Germany.

Similar observations were made in Belgium. Other countries got away with more moderate yet clear markdowns. Steady prices were again reported on from Spain and France.

Trend for the German market: Shortly after Christmas, the domestic pig slaughter market remarkably soon settled down again. By the end of last week, the stabilising of the market situation was already foreshadowed. According to what marketers say, there is not much backlog supply left.

Currently, one or the other batch is even being looked for again. From today’s point of view, the price development is expected to remain steady at least.

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