Farmers Encouraged to Participate in Climate, Green Plan Survey

CANADA - The President of Keystone Agricultural Producers is encouraging Manitoba farmers to participate in an on-line survey being conducted by the provincial government and express their opinions on plans to introduce a tax on carbon, Bruce Cochrane reports.
calendar icon 9 March 2017
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In September the federal government announced that a carbon pricing system must be in place in all provinces by the end of 2018 or it will move to impose such as system.

In response, as Manitoba develops its Climate and Green Plan, the provincial government is inviting Manitobans to have their say through an on-line survey.

Keystone Agricultural Producers President Dan Mazier says the prospects of a carbon tax have significant implications for agriculture and he encourages farmers to participate in the survey.

Dan Mazier-Keystone Agricultural Producers

Where some jurisdictions are implementing a tax and other jurisdictions, especially for export commodities, are not implementing the tax it challenges the competitiveness as far as trying to compete with other markets, especially the US and around the world.

If you start impacting that that basically puts Manitoba producers in a vulnerable spot..

The province besides the survey, has really not showed their hand too much of how they're going to implement it, what is going to be in, what is going to be out as far as what is taxed and what isn't.

So we've got some challenges as far as trying to understand what the implications of it are going to be.

Having said that though, this is a very good opportunity with this survey to actually make a difference and let your voice be heard.

I would encourage every one of your listeners to fill out that survey and let your concerns be heard.

If time was ever of the essence of getting the message clearly to government, this is the time, this is the opportunity for that.

To participate in the on-line survey visit

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