Vion Introduces New Demand-driven Approach to Pig Farming

NETHERLANDS - Vion Pork, part of the Vion Food Group, introduces Good Farming Balance. With this new demand-driven approach, the company is responding to the opportunities in the international pork markets. Vion sees new perspective in this for Dutch pig farmers.
calendar icon 22 March 2017
clock icon 4 minute read

On the worldwide pork market, Vion perceives interesting sub-markets for a specific quality of pork. These are traditional markets within the EU, but the fast-growing supply to countries outside the EU also offers opportunities. Examples include Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan.

"Better adaptation of our production to the needs of these sub-markets offers new perspective; for the company Vion as well as for Dutch pig farmers," says Frans Stortelder, COO of Vion Pork.

New delivery modules

To be able to comply with the specific demands of a number of international market segments, a broader delivery of pigs is desirable. For this reason, Vion is introducing three new delivery modules.

In addition to the module 'basis', there is also the module 'wide' (better distribution of weight and fat layer thickness, the possibility of delivering all the pigs in a shed at once) and the module 'robust' (pigs with a thicker layer of fat).

There are specific requirements for, among other things, delivery weight and fat layer thickness, for each module. Pig farmers can choose the module that fits in best with their operations.

New pricing systems

Coinciding with Good Farming Balance, Vion will also introduce a number of new pricing systems. Besides the present weekly quotations, two new methods for the purchasing of pigs will be offered to pig farmers.

In addition to the Vion week price, there will also be the Vion price index guarantee (PIG) and the Vion long-term price (LTP). The Vion price index guarantee ensures an average price that is based on a combination of representative international prices.

The aim of the Vion long-term price is to the give the pig farmer greater certainty for his operations in the long term. The pig farmer can opt for the price system that suits him best.

Mr Stortelder said, "The pig farmer has a lot more options. This way both the suppliers and Vion can manage their risks better."

Trusted partner

Food safety and integrity, product quality, sustainability, animal welfare and transparency form the foundation on which Vion works. Vion Pork's Good Farming system forms the basis for an assured and fully traceable supply chain. With this approach, Vion produces in a demand-driven way, enabling it to supply a specific quality.

Also, thanks to recognised quality systems, tracking and tracing, early warning systems and a lot of knowledge and expertise, Vion hopes to guarantee a certified quality. The company is a pioneer in this field, which assures access to the international markets.

The combination of market access, the supply of a specific quality and the offer of continuity makes Vion a ‘trusted partner’ for customers and suppliers.

Good Farming

Good Farming Balance is part of the Vion Pork's Good Farming approach. The concepts Good Farming Organic (organic pork) and Good Farming Star (Een ster Beter Leven) are also part of the approach.

Mr Stortelder said, "Good Farming Balance offers the pig farmers, for whom we also want to be a trusted partner, more flexibility and at the same time, security. For instance, they are given more possibilities to improve their margin and to manage risks."

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