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EU Pork Exports Continue to Grow in 2017

24 April 2017, at 12:00am

EU - Although January’s performance of 187,500 tonnes was not repeated, EU exports of fresh/frozen pork to the rest of the world in February still showed an annual growth of 5 per cent at 176,000 tonnes, writes Duncan Wyatt, lead analyst at AHDB.

This is despite falls in volumes shipped to two of the EU’s biggest markets. China, the EU’s largest market, imported nearly 60,000 tonnes in February, 3 per cent lower year on year.

Likewise, the EU shipped 27,000 tonnes to Japan, 3 per cent down on the year. However, these declines were more than offset by increases in exports to the next two biggest markets.

Volumes shipped to South Korea and Hong Kong increased by 31 per cent and 18 per cent respectively compared with February 2016.

The volume of exports to other countries also performed well, with the US, Australia and Taiwan all importing more from the EU.

Overall, the value of EU pork exports increased by over 20 per cent on the year in February. Furthermore, despite the reduction in volume shipped, the value of exports to China and Japan increased, due to a rise in unit prices.

What little pork product the EU imports from the rest of the world fell again, with volumes down by 30 per cent on the year in February to 446 tonnes, continuing the long-term decline.

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