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2017 Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival Set for Saturday

22 June 2017, at 6:00am

CANADA - Organisers of the Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival expect to raise about 7,000 dollars this year to fund youth projects, writes Bruce Cochrane.

The Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival is scheduled for Saturday in Kipling.

The event was created five years ago to raise funds to upgrade the local community youth centre and proceeds generated this year will be allocated to the construction of skateboard park.

Scott Kearns, the Founder of the Feast, explains the festival is build around a competition in which participants create dishes, each of which must contain bacon.

Scott Kearns-Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival

We have people coming from as far away as Calgary, Tisdale, Martinsville.

We're down in the southeast part of the province and communities around Estevan, Regina and places like that.

We have chefs and home cooks coming in who will prepare bite size bacon dishes for everyone that buys a ticket.

An idea of some of the dishes this year that we have that we know of, some of them keep it secret right up until the festival.

We have smoked candied bacon, we've got crazy bacon coquettes, bacon seafood stuffed mushroom caps and bacon crème brûlée.

Those are just a little bit of an idea of some of the quality of the dishes and we'll have 20 dishes to try.

Everybody gets to vote for their favorites in the sweet and the savory categories.

The winners have a chance to go on to the Canadian Food Championships.

Mr Kearns notes last year's event sold out and, of the 300 tickets available this year, about half have been sold but most tend to sell in the final three days.

For more information search Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival on Facebook or call 306 736-7838.

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