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Pig Farmers Given Three Months to Adopt New Method

5 June 2017, at 6:00am

MALAYSIA - The advance pig-farming technology in the Netherlands should be adopted by Malaysian farmers to prevent pollution in Sungai Tuang, Alor Gajah, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.

According to The Star Online, he said the Netherlands’ method which he refered to as Holland technology, with zero discharge of pollutants, was highly efficient as it was of quality, practised sustainability and was environmentally-friendly.

Mr Haron said farmers at Paya Mengkuang were still using “stone age” technology to rear livestock.

He said animals were crammed in dilapidated pens without a proper ventilation system in place.

Mr Haron said minimal standards of care by farmers was tantamount to animal cruelty.

“There is no proper drainage, space and pens for these animals,” he said, adding that the farmers were given three months to modernise the system.

“We have made working visits to Europe to gain knowledge on how to manage our pig farms.

“European countries have better technology that we can use to modernise farms at Paya Mengkuang in Alor Gajah,” he said after chairing the weekly state exco meeting.

Mr Haron also said farmers should be more committed in coming up with a solution especially when faced with residents’ complaints on pollution.

“We will no longer compromise when farmers disregard our directive to have proper rearing system in place,” he said.

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