Pork Check to Re-tool Communications to Target New Generation of Consumers

US - The National Pork Board is retooling its communication strategy to target a new generation of consumers living in an age of modern technology, Bruce Cochrane reports.
calendar icon 9 June 2017
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The Pork Checkoff-Marketing to the Generation M was among the topics discussed yesterday (8 June) as part of World Pork Expo.

Bill Even, the CEO of the National Pork Board, says the organization is currently involved in a massive overhaul of its entire digital strategy, from its web site to social media to how it communicates with the public and with producers.

Bill Even-National Pork Board

The Pork Checkoff, built by America's pork producers back in 1985, has had tremendous success.
Most people remember the "The Other White Meat" campaign from the 1980s and 1990s, very successful in positioning pork up against chicken as a protein competitor.

But, as you look back in 1985, we had three television stations, your telephone was probably bolted to the wall in your kitchen and we didn't have access to information as we do today.

Pork production has also changed dramatically.

You fast forward to 2017 and understand you have a plethora of media outlets, you have the world at your fingertips on your smart phone in your pocket.

When you think about how you talk to today's consumer it needs to look differently.

I've distilled that down into what I call the three Ms.

You have the Millenial, the Mobile and the Multicultural.

When you think about the Millenial, the Mobile, the Multicultural generations, we need to make sure we're funding proper research to understand not only the Baby Boomers, the Gen X, the Millenials as well as the new Gen Z coming out of high school, we need to understand those consumers and meet them where they live.

Mr Even says we need to go beyond the baseline of safe, affordable and abundant and talk to consumers about where their food comes from.

He expects a new web site to be on line by the end of the year that focuses on what does the consumer need, what does the producer need and how can they find that with a quick Google search.

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