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US Pork Gains Long-awaited Access to Argentine Market

18 August 2017, at 12:00am

US - The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) applauds the Trump administration for negotiating US pork access to the Argentine market.

Argentina was among several countries with non-science based barriers to US pork imports. With the White House announcement, trade-dependent US pork producers now have unfettered access to this large pork-consuming nation.

"US pork producers are the most competitive in the world and we have long sought the opportunity to provide affordable, high-quality pork in Argentina," said NPPC President Ken Maschhoff.

"We thank Secretaries Perdue and Ross, and their teams at the USDA and the Department of Commerce, as well as US Trade Representative Lighthizer and his team, for their diligent work to win Argentine market access."

Mr Maschhoff added, "We also thank Vice President Pence for his efforts, including a recent visit to Argentina, to move a trade agreement that promises significant US economic benefits over the finish line."

The US pork industry, which has been the world’s largest exporter of pork over the last 10 years, depends on exports for growth. Exports added $50 — representing 36 per cent of the $140 average value of a hog — to every US hog marketed in 2016.

NPPC continues to urge the administration to negotiate market access in other countries, such as India and Thailand, that remain closed to US pork due to non-science based trade restrictions.

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