Finnish Pig Farmers Low on Vaccines

4 October 2017, at 12:00am

FINLAND - Pharmaceutical distribution firm Oriola has had extreme difficulties in supplying medicines recently, and that's had some unexpected effects.

Multi-channel news outlet Kauppalehti reports that shareholders are 'in the dark' about the firm's difficulties, and that pig farmers are also up in arms about the problems.

Piglets need to be vaccinated very quickly to ensure they can be reared without using antibiotics, but supplies have run low in some places.

Finland's YLE News reports that bigger farms have received special deliveries, but smaller ones have relied on vets' reserves.

This has increased work for everyone, as supplies have to be actively managed and Oriola has to make special deliveries to the locations with the most acute needs.

But according to the pig industry, production hasn't been affected.

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