Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition introduces CERTILLUS

7 November 2017, at 12:00am

Pronounced “sir-till-us,“ this exciting portfolio of products presents specific solutions to the challenges producers face related to pathogenic threats on their specific operation.

Ben Towns, Arm & Hammer Director, Global Business, explains:

CERTILLUS is the newest brand in the ARM & HAMMER family and will serve as the portfolio brand across all species for products powered by Microbial Terroir™.

We’re eager to share the possibilities CERTILLUS will provide to our customers.

These Targeted Microbial Solutions deliver offerings uniquely fitted to their Microbial Terroir.

Microbial Terroir is the microbial makeup of the environment, the soil, the animals and the weather on a specific farm location. The Microbial Terroir in which animals live will ultimately impact how they perform. On-farm sampling and testing can reveal a farm’s Microbial Terroir and what is needed to combat harmful pathogens that slow down animal productivity

Using sampling protocols and advanced molecular biological techniques, Arm & Hammer maps out the complex Microbial Terroir that shapes - and enhances - the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of animals within a herd or flock. A customized solution is then developed from a database of proprietary Bacillus strains for the CERTILLUS portfolio of products to effectively combat pathogens impacting animal performance.

Scott Druker, General Manager, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition also commented:

This name brings together two key points about the brand - certainty and Bacillus.

Our thorough testing and analysis process combined with a proprietary multi-strain solution offer our customers the confidence that they can effectively combat the challenges lurking in their own Microbial Terroir.

As reported by Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

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