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Regulation of the 'Family Farming' seal

9 November 2017, at 12:00am

Following confusion over the differentiation of products from Family Farming, the Ministry of Agribusiness of the Nation have regulated, through Resolution 330-E / 2017, the use of the seal "Produced by Family Farming", thus defining a universe of conducive action for promotion, and technical and economic assistance in commercialisation of the sector.

The seal will be assigned to the beneficiaries in temporary use, free and without exclusivity, for two renewable years. The mechanism will allow consumers to recognise and value the product fulfilling the commitment assumed by the Secretariat of Family Agriculture, Territorial Coordination and Development, which in turn will officiate as the application authority of the present regime.

In this sense, the measure constitutes a tool for visibility and identification of the products of the sector; together with the inclusion of the logo, it is also a way of claiming the attributes of what is produced by family farmers, but also to certify through it the traceability, safety and social origin of these products.

From the portfolio of Agribusiness it was highlighted that the Resolution will be accompanied by the development of tools for market access, in order to enable small producers, either individually or associatively, to position themselves with a clear differentiation mechanism that allows the consumer choice of their products, not only for quality, but for the social attributes implicit in them.

Likewise, the regime for processing authorisations for use will enable obtaining updated information for the National Registry of Family Farming (RENAF), the National Registry of Family Farming Organizations (RENOAF) and the National Sanitary Registry of Agricultural Producers ( RENSPA). In this sense, it is presented as another tool for the regulation of work in this sector.

To view the Resolution 330-E / 2017 in full, in both English and Spanish, click here

As reported by Ministerio de Agroindustria.

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