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Secure Pork Supply plan: protecting your herd

23 November 2017, at 12:00am

The US hasn’t encountered a foreign animal disease for decades, but it remains a lingering and serious risk as long as countries throughout the world are dealing with foot-and-mouth disease, classical swine fever and African swine fever. It is crucial that producers take steps to protect their herd before it's too late.

The size , structure, efficiency and extensive movement inherent in the swine industry will present unprecedented challenges in the event of a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak. A Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Plan is being developed to enhance communication and coordination, accelerate a successful FAD response, and support continuity of operations for pork producers.

The SPS plan will cover diseases such as foot-and-mouth (FMD), classical swine fever (CSF), and African swine fever (ASF), with the hope of developing a set of procedures that pork producers, processors, and Federal and State agencies all agree are feasible to allow for the safe movement of animals from farms in an FAD Control Area to harvest channels, or other production sites as long as they have no evidence of disease.

Training materials provided on the SPS site cover oral fluid collection and nasal swab collection guides, biosecurity posters, and a number of videos and handouts.

For more information and for materials available from the SPS plan, click here

Source: Secure Pork Supply and Pig Health Today

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