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2017: a year in the global pig industry

1 December 2017, at 12:00am

2017 has been a challenging and exciting year for the pig industry. In case you missed anything, here on The Pig Site we’ll be looking back at some of our favourite articles from the last 12 months. First up...

Pig pens: a look at mirrors and mats

26 June 2017

What a pig sees when it looks into a mirror may help Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists improve livestock housing.

Studying livestock behaviour, stress and other well-being and production factors is the job of animal scientist Jeremy Marchant-Forde and his colleagues at the ARS Livestock Behaviour Research Unit in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Dr Marchant-Forde investigates the use of mirrors and mats in improving the environment pigs are kept. This information could help in reducing stress, which in turn, enhances well-being, growth and efficiency, and decreases disease susceptibility.

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Image: Shelly Deboer

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