BVA congratulates Christine Middlemiss on appointment as next UK chief vet

7 December 2017, at 12:09am

Christine Middlemiss has been appointed as the UK's next Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO). She will take over from Nigel Gibbens who is stepping down at the end of February 2018 following 10 years in the post.

Responding to the news, British Veterinary Association President John Fishwick said:

We’d like to congratulate Christine Middlemiss on her appointment as the UK’s next CVO and welcome her return to Defra - as well as to the UK, following her 16 months as CVO in New South Wales, Australia.

As Christine notes, she will take up her role amidst EU Exit negotiations when the vital role veterinary surgeons play in so many areas of political and public life must be championed and considered more than ever.

The work of all vets in government is indispensable in protecting and promoting animal health and welfare and public health, and current UK CVO Nigel Gibbens CBE has been crucial in steering this with calm direction and sage insight from the heart of government.

We hope to continue our effective working relationship with the new UK CVO, and really look forward the opportunity to work with Christine moving forwards.

As reported by BVA

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