HSA online guide to humane slaughter during disease control

16 January 2018, at 12:00am

As part of its strategy to promote the highest standards of welfare worldwide for food animals, the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) has produced a new online guide which covers the humane killing of livestock during disease control operations.

The HSA guide has had input from industry experts to ensure that all of the information is relevant. Primarily aimed at the veterinary profession, slaughter personnel, farm staff, livestock handlers and government agencies, the guidance – with illustrations – is intended for the global industry. It covers a variety of species from neonates to adults, the various methods of humane killing of livestock, protocols, types of equipment available and gives examples of best practice and information on risk assessment for both the operator and animal welfare.

Charles Mason, Technical Director of the HSA, said:

This guide pulls together a wealth of information and materials into one resource and has been made readily available to enable easy access worldwide to this information for high animal welfare standards that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The guide joins others already available on the charity’s website, providing a portfolio of best practice in humane handling and slaughter and can be found online. HSA staff are currently working on plans to develop interactive multi-media options for the HSA online guides – the aim being to enhance the users’ experience by allowing them to test their knowledge and take part in simulated situations in which their actions may directly affect the outcome, so making the training more realistic.

As reported by HSA

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