Nutriad hosts seminars on AGP alternatives in Malaysia

by 5m Editor
2 January 2018, at 12:00am

Multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD, together with its’ local distribution partner Pahang Pharmacy, hosted a series of technical seminars on Antibiotic Growth Promoter Alternatives and Mycotoxin Risk Management for producers across Malaysia.

As regulations on AGP-s impact the market environment in APAC, NUTRIAD’s global knowledge on how producers successfully can maintain or improve production efficiency where use of antibiotics is restricted was met with great interest by the industry professionals attending the events.

Dr. Glenn Alfred Ferriol, Nutriad Area Manager for Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia, presented the “Importance of a Precision Delivered Butyrate (ADIMIX PRECISION®) in Gut Health of Poultry & Swine” emphasizing on the need to deliver the butyrate all throughout the digestive tract. Most recent data were presented related to the control of Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers, the impact on the Egg production and Egg Shell Quality for Layers and Breeders, and the important benefit in the control of Salmonella spp and Campylobacter. A recent study on the effect of ADIMIX Precision on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) was also presented.

Dr. Ferriol, also presented “The NUTRIAD Mycotoxin Risk Management Approach for Poultry and Swine”, in which he emphasized the need for a complete approach in dealing with mycotoxin contamination in the raw materials. The step by step process was presented together with the services that Nutriad can offer, from raw material screening to the application of specific mycotoxin deactivators with the use of MYCOMAN®, an application developed by Nutriad to help farmers, feed millers and integrators select the right mycotoxin deactivator for specific species, age and feeding program.

Dr. Chu Bee Sin, Product Manager for Pahang Pharmacy announced that the registration process of the Nutriad mycotoxin deactivators in Malaysia was completed successfully and that the comprehensive range of products (TOXY-NIL®, TOXY-NIL® PLUS & UNIKE®) is available in market.

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