Progress for Manitoba in PED elimination

19 January 2018, at 12:00am

Manitoba Pork is pleased to report that continued efforts on PED elimination are seeing results.

Currently 59 of the 80 premises affected by PED in 2017 have improved their disease status. Manitoba has 35 premises that have reached Presumptive Negative status and 24 at PED Transitional.

Presumptive Negative means that a premise and the animals on it are considered negative for PED, with the exception of manure storage facilities.

PED Transitional is broken down to nursery or finisher operations and sow operations. PED Transitional in nursery or finisher refers to the time between all previously positive pigs leaving the premises and the sentinel pigs being confirmed negative after spending a minimum of four weeks on the premises. PED Transitional in a sow operation means there is no evidence of clinical disease, there is no detectable virus in the dry sow gestation environment and the sows are consistently producing PED negative piglets. The sow operation remains transitional until sentinel gilts have been in dry sow gestation for a minimum of four weeks and are consistently negative for PED.

Manitoba Pork continues to work closely with Manitoba's Chief Veterinary Office and expects more premises to achieve Presumptive Negative status soon.

As reported by Manitoba Pork