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India’s pig farmers encouraged to go ‘commercial’

16 February 2018, at 12:00am

In order to encourage adoption of scientifically-backed commercial pig rearing methods by India’s pig farmers, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has embarked upon a training programme for the Erukula community.

The first group of trainees for the 13-day programme was inaugurated by Minister for Finance and Civil Supplies, Etala Rajender, in Huzurabad town. The trainees are women of the Erukula community from a self-help group in Huzurabad mandal.

The programme is designed to promote pig rearing as an income-generating activity and is supported by Spandana, an NGO, in Huzurabad. Spandana will provide information on rearing pigs in a shed or stall as traditionally, pigs are allowed to roam free in the villages and scavenge for their food.

NABARD, through the Pig Development EDEG (Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation) scheme, are also providing subsidies for pig farming with the aim to improve the production capacity and livelihoods of producers.

The Pig Development EDEG is a Government of India scheme with the following objectives:

  1. Encourage commercial rearing of pigs through adoption of scientific methods and creation of infrastructure.
  2. Production and supply of improved germ plasm.
  3. Organising stakeholders to popularise scientific methods.
  4. Create supply chain for pork industry.
  5. Encourage value addition for better income.

As reported by The Hindu

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