EU pig prices: Barbecue season is beginning

20 April 2018, at 12:00am

This week, the quotations on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market continue to move on last week’s level which has not changed so far.

Again, Germany has set a sign of stability. No backlog supply was observed to have piled up after the missing days of slaughter around Easter. Quite on the contrary: now that springtime has finally arrived and barbecue weather is prevailing, the slaughter companies are very much demanding pigs mature for slaughter. Toennies and Vion are the only export-oriented slaughter companies that do not want to share this rating and are therefore lowering their internal discounted prices by 3 cents.

This price decrease did indeed have an impact on the Dutch quotation which also went down by 3 cents. So, compared with the other EU member countries, the Dutch are now bearing the red light together with Belgium. For the fifth week in a row already, the Spanish quotation has remained unchanged – this is mostly because of the Spanish domestic demand which is being borne by the hesitant demand for exports. France, Austria and Denmark are following the German example by maintaining the last week’s price despite a minor supply surplus.

With the outlook being for sunny weather for the weekend to come, the sales are expected to provide substantial sales on the meat markets. As a result, the prices are anticipated to at least remain unchanged.

(Source: ISN - Interessengemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands)
1) corrected quotation: The official Quotations of the different countries are corrected, so that each quotation has the same base (conditions).
2) These quotations are based on the correction formulas applied since 01.08.2010.
base: 57 % lean-meat-percentage; farm-gate-price; 79 % killing-out-percentage, without value-added-tax

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