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NFU prepares to respond to government on future farm policy

17 April 2018, at 12:00am

Hundreds of NFU South East members have come forward to help the NFU respond to government plans for future farm policy, which currently fails to recognise the vital role of food production, reports the NFU

NFU South East has just completed a round of meetings to gather its members’ views on government proposals for future agricultural policy in England and collate a formal response by the end of this month. It has also urged its members to respond individually to the Government’s Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit.

NFU South East Regional Director William White says: “Commercial farmers and growers believe that future farm policy must recognise the importance of food production as a public good. The NFU will be urging Government to develop an ambitious policy that retains and enhances the productive capacity of the farming industry as a national strategic asset.

“Many farmers question how government will reconcile future trade deals and a desire to keep food affordable to the consumer with the maintenance of our world-class standards for animal health and welfare. There is agreement that a transition period will be necessary to design, develop and prepare for a new policy, though views on the timescale are mixed.

“All farmers and growers agree that farming delivers a high quality landscape with environmental benefits and farmers can continue to deliver this, provided the policy incentives are practical. Farm support should be fair and equitable to all farm businesses, irrespective of size or system.”

As reported by the NFU (UK)

Photo: Jeff Djedvet

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