PEDv Lessons Learned report in the works

2 April 2018, at 12:00am

Manitoba Pork reports on the latest efforts to control PEDv and to learn from previous outbreaks to develop better control measures.

Manitoba Pork, in collaboration with the Canadian Animal Health Coalition and the Chief Veterinary Office of Manitoba, is developing a report on PEDv Lessons Learned, based on their outbreak experiences in 2017. The report will summarise the information gathered from 11 sector stakeholder interviews and an in-person workshop.

The interviews focused on the outbreak from three angles: what worked well, what could have been improved, and recommendations for the future. They captured a variety of perspectives: producers, veterinarians, manure management, transport, feed, assembly, abattoirs, public agencies, etc. Subsequently, the in-person workshop helped recap the information gathered and made further recommendations.

Manitoba Pork states that PEDv has taught them many things, including the importance of communication and collaboration. They also emphasised how the outbreak highlighted gaps in biosecurity and on-going disease risks. The development of the report will help emergency planning continue within the hog sector, as well as across commodities provincially and nationally.

Manitoba Pork would like to thank all those who participated in this project:
Let’s continue to build on our successes and learn from these lessons to keep the hog sector healthy and productive.

As reported by Manitoba Pork.

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