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AHDB’s Pork Yearbook goes digital

23 May 2018, at 12:00am

A popular AHDB publication for the pig industry has for the first time entered the digital era – providing readers with greater access to a wealth of resources

The annual AHDB Pork Yearbook has changed its format this year to allow readers more information at their fingertips. In its new digital structure, the publication is available to view online and comes complete with interactive tools and videos.

It still includes details of work being carried out in knowledge exchange, research, development and innovation by AHDB Pork. However, the yearbook can now link to the AHDB website for greater detail on each subject.

As well as exploring research projects, field trials and skills and training, the yearbook also highlights the pork industry’s successful Midweek Meals campaign, looks at the growing export markets and raises awareness of AHDB’s Farm Excellence activities.

Once again, the yearbook includes industry statistics such as the cost of production, performance trends in the British pig herd and retail data on pig meat purchases. It also covers a range of health and welfare issues including antibiotic usage and traceability.

AHDB Pork Strategy Director Angela Christison said: “The AHDB Pork Yearbook is an incredibly useful resource that we are proud to produce and is always in great demand.

“This year, we made the decision to make it digital so that we could build on its popularity and provide a greater wealth of information to the readers. In a hard copy, we are limited by space but with a digital yearbook we are able to add real value through links to the website.”

As well as the Pork Yearbook, AHDB has also launched the annual Pig and Poultry Pocketbook which is a valuable source of information about the pig industry.

The sixth edition of the Pocketbook covers the whole supply chain, from farm to fork, including statistics on the structure of the industry, prices, production levels, carcase classification and retail sales and consumption.

To access the new digital Pork Yearbook, click here

As reported by AHDB Pork

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