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"Mycotoxins in Swine Production" (2nd Ed), produced by leading researchers in mycotoxin management, is designed to educate the reader on the effects of mycotoxins on swine performance, fertility and immunity
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Mycotoxins are not a new topic and they are certainly not a recent worry. In fact, this year it is a decade since the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology(CAST) released its scientific task force report on mycotoxins and their impact on plant, animal and human systems. Back then the economic impact of mycotoxins in the United States alone were estimated to exceed $1.4 billion, through losses in commodity quality and health of livestock.

Mycotoxins target many organs and tissues in swine, with the main ones being the liver, gut, kidneys and immune competent tissue. The outcome is decreased performance and higher sensitivity to pathogens. Symptoms are often latent in the swine that now manifest as in weakened animals with lowered sensitivities to vaccines and antibiotics.

Much attention should be given to the so-called “conditioned” diseases – for example, Erysipelas, E.coli, Salmonella, Influenza, Pasteurella and Streptococcus. These diseases are triggered by a stress stimulus. Mycotoxins have been shown to be a sufficient and necessary condition to set aflame such infections.

This book is intended to be read by those involved in swine production, whether nutritionists or veterinarians, by students aiming to increase to increase their understanding of the topic, or merely by curious minds.

Knowledge has been gathered from several experts and compiled to produce information on a wide range of topics from general concepts on mycotoxins by fungi, to their effects on swine performance, fertility and immunity.

"It is BIOMIN’s duty as a leader in Mycotoxin Risk Management strategies and a worldwide expert in animal nutrition to identify the enemies hindering efficient animal nutrition and to present you with tools to counteract them."

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