China tightens controls on pig transport to contain swine fever outbreaks

2 November 2018, at 12:00am

China has ordered enhanced supervision of vehicles transporting live pigs to contain the spread of deadly African swine fever in the country, as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

The tightened regulations stipulate that:

  1. Vehicles must be equipped with corrosion-resistant and leak-proof walls and floors, as well as simple cleaning and sterilisation facilities.
  2. They should also be registered with local husbandry authorities, with the necessary documentation.
  3. Trucks transporting live pigs between China's provinces and regions, as well as across counties within provinces where African swine fever has been found and neighbouring regions, must be equipped with location-tracking systems.
  4. Transporters must provide necessary water and feeding conditions for the pigs.
  5. They must take necessary measures to prevent pigs becoming stressed when the vehicles pass through high- or low-temperature areas.
  6. Transporters must clean and sterilise the vehicles before loading and offloading, and record detailed information of the journey.

China has reported almost 50 outbreaks of the highly contagious disease in 13 provinces since early August.

The latest news from China reported three new African swine fever cases on small pig farms in Shanxi, Hunan and Yunnan provinces on Tuesday (30 October) this week.

The herds at the affected farms together total 390 pigs, the ministry said on its website.

Reporting by Hallie Gu and Tom Daly, Reuters

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