New year countdown: Top articles on The Pig Site in 2018

Our pick of The Pig Site's top articles from 2018.
calendar icon 31 December 2018
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Coping with compassion fatigue in the swine industry

Those who work with livestock regularly have to perform pain-inducing procedures on their animals and make end-of-life decisions, but what are the impacts of this on their mental health?

Stunning at slaughter: is your hard work going to waste?

What are the stunning methods currently used at slaughter and how can an inefficient or inappropriate stunning technique result in carcass degradation and loss in earnings for the producer?

The global business case for group sow housing and enrichment

Interview with Dr Sarah Ison, researcher and global farm advisor with World Animal Protection (WAP), about the progression of WAP’s business case for group sow housing and enrichment, and working with producers to ensure they can meet new standards.

The many ways that ASF is threatening the global pig industry

With 22 cases of African swine fever (ASF) confirmed in China this month, it is no surprise that key trading partners are voicing their concerns over the direction of pork and feed markets. Experts in the US provide their opinion on the potential impact of this disease on the global market.

PigSustain: assessing the resilience of the UK pig industry

Interview with Dr Mary Friel, Leeds University, discussing how the PigSustain initiative is assessing the resilience of the UK pig industry to ensure it is prepared for the future.

The profits of good mothers

Good sows are the basis of a good pig herd. Investing in sow health and calm behaviour will pay off in terms of sow productivity and piglet growth. But how much exactly?

Will plant-based push the meat sector to change its marketing strategy?

How is veganism disrupting the pork industry and how can pork producers positively respond to this? Interview with AHDB’s Senior Consumer Insight Analyst, Susie Stannard, about the most recent AHDB report on the rise of plant-based food products and how AHDB are encouraging farmers to use this market disruption as a chance to reconnect with consumers.

Making pork fashionable

While pork consumption has been relatively stagnant in most developed countries, average consumption in South Africa has increased by roughly 3.5% per year over the past decade. Interview with Johann Kotzé, CEO of the South African Pork Producers Association (SAPPO).

Threat of extinction for British native breeds

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has issued its updated watchlist for 2018-19, with the British Landrace, British Lop, Large Black and Middle White continuing to feature top of the list.

Four senses: a guide to recognising disease in your herd

Early recognition is the first step to successfully managing a disease outbreak or illness in your herd but how can you use the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell to detect the abnormal animal and to differentiate it from the rest of the herd?

The truth about ag-gag laws: why the focus should shift to gaining consumer trust

Farm protection bills, so-called "Ag-gag" laws, put in place to protect farms, are being re-examined across the United States. If the laws are overturned, animal rights activists may return to the farms under false pretences to try to expose animal abuse.

Top tips for reducing aggression in sows and boars

Conspecific aggression has been extensively studied in growing pigs, and to some extent in sows, as it can negatively impact productivity. More disastrous situations can occur when the aggression is directed towards humans. How can you predict and control instances of aggression in sows and boars?

Do you know your tech? Innovation in swine management could change the way you farm forever

Interview with Aidan Connolly, Alltech and Agritech Capital, discussing current and future technology that will change the way we produce pigs and pork forever.

The constitution of an ox? What your pigs’ genetics can tell you

The analysis of meat inspection data at slaughter suggests there are links between genetic variation and the most common indicators of poor animal welfare. All is revealed about a new technique in highlighting important production traits that simultaneously provides key reflections of swine welfare.

The eye of the storm: how to protect yourself, your neighbours and your pigs when hurricane Florence hits

Hurricane Florence hit Carolina's pig herds hard, with many farms unprepared for the chaos that the category 2 storm would bring. It is important to follow expert advice when it comes to protecting your pigs and preparing for a storm to hit but provided here are some tips for pig producers.

Dealing with drought and evading heat stress in swine

Top tips from across the globe on how to manage high temperatures on farm, how to prevent and treat heat stress in pigs and how to manage water shortages during a drought.

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