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New guidelines on responsible antibiotic use in UK pigs

by 5m Editor
15 January 2019, at 12:00am

Published on the AHDB website, the new guidelines provide support for the UK pig industry in its strategic aim to reduce antibiotic use.

The guidelines, produced by PHWC’s Antimicrobial Use sub-group, offer advice on using antibiotics when your veterinary surgeon recommends them to be appropriate for your farm and the current health situation in your pigs.

Antibiotic treatment should only be initiated after consultation with your veterinary surgeon. Pig farmers must ensure fundamentals such as ventilation, nutrition, water supply, housing, hygiene and biosecurity are well managed as these are crucial in controlling disease and reducing the need for antibiotics.

Where antibiotics are necessary, the advice in this guide recommends how to use them responsibly, to safeguard animal health and welfare. When used in conjunction with optimum management on farm, these measures aim to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for use in human and animal medicine.

Best practice guide to antibiotic usage review on pig farms

A review containing guidance to help pig producers cut their use of antimicrobials is also available.

It has been produced jointly by the Pig Health and Welfare Council Antimicrobial Sub-group and the Pig Veterinary Society.

Visit the AHDB website to download the guidelines.

Source: AHDB Pork

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