Spain continues to produce, export more pork

9 January 2019, at 12:00am

SPAIN - Throughout 2018 there has been strong growth in pig meat production in Spain, according to data from Eurostat

Production now stands 6 percent (190,000 tonnes) above year earlier levels in the year-to September, at 3.3 million tonnes.

Across the EU overall, total pig meat production is up 2 percent (410,000 tonnes) at 17.7 million tonnes.

There have been some changes in dynamic within the EU market this past year, with production in Germany declining sharply (-97,000 tonnes) while the Netherlands, Poland and Romania have all also recorded strong growth.

This rise in production has been reflected in fresh/frozen pork export volumes. Shipments have recorded an increase of almost 8 percent year-on-year in the year-to October, according to data from Agencia Tributaria.

Shipments to France reflect the trends in the past few years have very slightly eased, however, a rise in exports destined for Italy has more than offset this. Shipments to China, which is the second largest market for Spanish pork, have remained steady across the year to October overall.

A sharp fall in trade during quarter one has been offset by year-on-year growth in more recent months. In general, shipments to most of Spain’s largest markets recorded strong growth across the period overall.

However, volume growth has come at the expense of value, as average prices have decreased year-on-year. In the year-to October the value of Spanish pork exports stood at €2.8 billion, 2 percent lower than equivalent 2017 levels.

As reported by Rebecca Oborne, AHDB Pork Analyst