The year of the pig will be a pig of a year for China's hogs

by 5m Editor
11 January 2019, at 12:00am

CHINA (Bloomberg) - With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, you might think pork sales would be rising, but due to outbreaks of African swine fever, some farmers haven't sold a single hog

Bloomberg reported that normally at this time of year, hog farmers are focused on repleneshing their stock. Owing to recent outbreaks of ASF in China, however, many farmers haven't sold any of their stock, including one farmer who hasn't sold any of his 20,000 hogs.

As a result, imports of pork will have to be increased to meet demand.

“The risk of restocking is too high as long as African swine fever is around,” Fu said by phone from his farm. “Our hogs used to be sold to the south, now no hogs are allowed outside the province,” said Fu Haisheng, a local producer.

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