China reports two new African swine fever outbreaks

China confirms two new outbreaks of African swine fever, one in the northern province of Hebei and the other in the northern region of Inner Mongolia.

24 February 2019, at 9:30am

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said the first outbreak is on a farm in the Xushui district of Baoding city which has 5,600 hogs, some of which died because of the swine fever, though it did not provide a death toll.

The farm has been quarantined and the herd slaughtered, it added.

Reuters reports that the second outbreak is in the remote Greater Khingan Mountains in Inner Mongolia, where 210 of the 222 wild boar raised on the farm died, the ministry said in a separate statement. The rest have been slaughtered, it said.

China has reported more than 100 cases of African swine fever in 27 provinces and regions since last August. The disease is deadly for pigs but does not harm humans.

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