Quality assurance of fresh and frozen semen that is stored on the farm

Genesus Global Technical report.
calendar icon 16 February 2019
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Frozen semen

On farm storage will kill sperm if not done correctly and is also very DANGEROUS to human health if not done correctly.

  • To avoid injury by frostbite, use extreme care when handling liquid nitrogen.
  • Leave no areas of skin exposed
  • Always wear proper safety attire, face shield, cryogenic gloves and apron
  • Always keep liquid nitrogen container in the upright position
  • Do not tightly seal liquid nitrogen container or prevent nitrogen gas to escape
  • Use extreme care to prevent spilling and splashing liquid nitrogen during transfer
  • Immediately remove any clothing or safety attire which liquid nitrogen has been spilled on
  • Get immediate medical attention for any frostbite injuries do to liquid nitrogen

Do not store or use liquid nitrogen in areas that have poor ventilation- The venting of nitrogen will deplete oxygen in the air, possibly leading to asphyxiation or even death.

Filling Liquid Nitrogen must be done with care, slowly pour into the vessel without causing any splash. If filling the Dewar from a pressurised source, make sure the tank is not above 22PSI (1.52 bar) or below.

Measuring Liquid Nitrogen Quantity

  • Use wooden or plastic dipstick. Never use a hollow tube to measure liquid nitrogen
  • Level will be indicated by frost line, which develops when dipstick is removed
  • Check weekly and keep a documented record on the date checked and the amount of liquid nitrogen in tank- This will also show you if the tank is failing if you keep a log manifest
  • Order Liquid nitrogen when half the tank has evaporated

The big picture for peak reproductive performance and profitability is achieving high standards. If you compromise these standards, this will affect reproduction and in turn will reduce your bottom line.

Garth Brown

General Manager at Canadian Centre of Gene Transfer at Genesus Inc
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