Genesus Global Technical Report: Carcass primals improvement – international market demand

Genesus is developing new pork quality assessment methods to meet the demand of international markets
calendar icon 12 March 2019
clock icon 5 minute read

Minolta colour measures, L* (lightness) and a* (redness) are two common objective measures used to evaluate pork colour. A lower L* means darker pork and higher a* means pork that is more red in colour. Ham colours were measured on the three different muscles in the ham primal face, and the average value is reported here. Medium heritability (0.22 – 0.38) has been reported for L* and a* measured on loin and ham primals. Genetic correlations of the colours measured on loin and measured on ham was 0.50 for L* and 0.51 for a* (Miar et al. J. Anim. Sci. 2014, 92: 2869 – 2884).

These findings suggest that the usual evaluation of pork colour using loin measures is positively correlated with ham colours however improvement of ham colour will only be moderately successful by selecting on loin colour.

To continue to improve the yield and quality of carcass primals and important cuts, Genesus is developing a new project focusing on more accurate measurement technology and genetic improvement options using genomic tools in both commercial and purebred pigs. Along with the increase of our genomic database, we aim to sort out a more efficient genomic strategy to improve specific primal composition and quality.

As a global pig genetic company, we believe this effort will contribute to meeting the variety of customer demands for pork all over the world.

Dr Chunyan Zhang

Geneticist at Genesus Inc.
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