5m publishes new book on animal ethics

15 May 2019, at 10:29am

New book from veterinarian Madeleine Campbell explores the moral and scientific foundation of societal views about animal ethics.

5m Books have published Animal, Ethics and Us: A Veterinarian’s View of Human-Animal Interactions. Everyone has an opinion about animal ethics. Each of us has a view on horseracing, cloning animals, eating meat, sustainable farming, hunting or culling badgers but as Madeleine Campbell explains we rarely stop to challenge and rationalise those beliefs.

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Madeleine says: "What I love about animal ethics is that everyone - from a black cab driver to your child in the bath - has an opinion: so many people are interested in discussions about the ways in which humans use animals. Yet all of the books which have been published on animal ethics so far are academic, if not philosophical. I wrote Animals, Ethics and Us to be much more accessible: an introduction to some important and current societal questions which anyone can dip into, on the train or in a spare half hour."

Animals, Ethics and Us shows how the process of ethical arguments helps each of us to see the flaws and irrationalities in our views, which ultimately helps to improve the way in which, as humans, we treat animals.

Available to buy at the RRP of £18.95 you can find out more about Animals, Ethics and Us here.