Could you benefit from a student placement on your farm?

The National Pig Association (NPA) encourages producers to take on a willing and able pair of hands in the form of veterinary student placements.

1 May 2019, at 10:38am

The NPA is offering up its networking services to producers who would be open to bringing student vets onto their farm.

According to a recent news piece, the NPA receives a lot of inquiries from veterinary students seeking placements on pig farms.

They believe that taking on such placements can have benefits for both student and producer: the farm gains a capable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable pair of hands and the student gains valuable, real-life, on-farm experience which can massively benefit their studies.

Though the students are studying veterinary medicine, the placement covers general husbandry and work on farm. It is believed that this approach will attract more vets to working with livestock, therefore securing "the best veterinary talent" for the future of the industry.

The NPA encourages any producers open to this opportunity to contact the association via email: [email protected], where you can learn more about placement schemes, and can be connected with the most suitable students for your business.