EU pig prices: markets remain balanced

This week, the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market is taking a little breather. Almost all pigs-for-slaughter quotations remain unchanged, thus maintaining the level achieved so far.
calendar icon 28 May 2019
clock icon 4 minute read

ISN reports that nothing has changed in the current market situation and the relationship between supply and demand is balanced overall. The intra-European meat market is stagnating, partly because the barbecue season has still not got going. The demand for the still limited available live offer continues. China continues to buy extensively, but currently does not accept higher prices. The continuing import demand of the Chinese is on everyone's lips. In terms of global pork demand, growth is expected, with market participants in the EU continuing to be optimistic about further development.

Unchanged listings were recorded in addition to Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium and Austria. In Spain, the corrected quotation increased by 2 cents and the seasonal price increase continues. Nevertheless, the Spanish market is also waiting for barbecue weather in Northern Europe and the next surge in demand from China. The British listing also increased slightly.

The price structure of the five largest pig-keeping EU member states shows no significant changes due to the stable market situation. The leader Spain was able to increase its lead by the price increase.

Nothing has changed in the current market situation this week, and supply and demand appear altogether balanced. The European meat market is stagnating, which is partly due to the barbecue season not yet having begun. Demand for the limited quantities of live pigs on offer continues. China is still purchasing large volumes, yet the Chinese currently are not accepting increased prices.

China's demand for imports is still a hot topic for discussion. Growth is expected in global demand for pork so, the market participants keep being optimistic throughout the EU with regard to the future development.

Unchanged quotations are in Germany and also in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium, and Austria. The Spanish corrected quotation went up by 2 cents, with the seasonal price increase continuing. Yet, the Spanish market is waiting for the weather getting suitable for barbecuing in northern Europe as well as for the next surge in demand coming in from China. The British quotation also went slightly up.

The price structure of the five EU member countries most significant in pig keeping does not show decisive changes because of the steady market situation. Spain as the front-runner could slightly increase the gap with the quotation going up.

Trend for the German market

At the beginning of the week, the local pig markets appear in a balanced way. Because of the small quantities of live pigs on offer, no negative effects are to be expected even though there will be a public holiday on Thursday. The weather forecast is finally promising for barbecuing. From today’s point of view, a steady and balanced market situation may be expected.



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