UK pig facts and figures at your fingertips

Everything you need to know about the UK pig industry is available in a new AHDB publication, ‘UK Pig Facts and Figures – 2019’.

25 May 2019, at 9:00am

From pig numbers and costs of production, to imports, exports and consumption data, it’s all at your fingertips in this useful reference guide.

Duncan Wyatt, AHDB lead analyst, said: “2018 was a challenging year for many pig farmers. Pig prices were lower and production costs were higher. However, overall UK production and exports both grew during the year, while imports fell.

“The outlook for 2019 is more positive, with exports and production expected to grow further.”

Formerly combined with poultry data and available in a pocketbook format, the new look publication focuses solely on pig and pig meat data and can be downloaded from the AHDB website.

UK pig facts and figures – 2019 is available to download online.