Canadian pork sector keen to resolve export issues with China

The Canadian pork sector is hoping for a speedy resolution of a situation which has resulted in the suspension of exports of Canadian pork and beef to China.

28 June 2019, at 12:22pm

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency stopped issuing export certificates to China for all pork and beef products as of 25 June, resulting in the suspension of shipments of those products to that nation after the validity of Canadian export certificates were called into question by China.

Officials of both nations have remained in close contact regarding the issue and an RCMP criminal investigation is now underway.

Gary Stordy, the Director of Government and Corporate Affairs with the Canadian Pork Council, stresses this is in no way a food safety issue but appears to be a situation where Canadian export certificates have essentially been forged.

Gary explains to Farmscape that the situation is being investigated by Canadian officials and criminal agencies: “We are asking the Canadian government to continue the dialogue between the two government officials, the CFIA in Canada and Chinese authorities and to keep us informed of the progress.

“We do realise that this is going to take some time to resolve.

“We're hoping that it's weeks rather than months but we do understand that this is a criminal investigation.

“For the Canadian industry, the economic impact, it's a bit too soon to tell. We are watching and monitoring the system but there are some silver linings.

“Essentially all of the product that has been en route or able to be shipped as of the 25 June will proceed to market.

“The rest of the product that has not been prepared or boxed and ready to go to China will be ideally absorbed within other markets.”

Stordy says the temporary suspension is not related to any food safety issues but is, frankly, the result of fraudulent paperwork.