EU pork prices: supply still low and prices frozen

Quotations continue to slow down and stabilise at values achieved in previous weeks while the supply of slaughter pigs is still low.

29 June 2019, at 8:30am

ISN reports that an unchanged market situation reflected the prices in Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium and Austria. Quotations in these countries plateaued when overall conditions were balanced. The supply of slaughter pigs is still small overall, market participants report from many directions. Due to the difficulty of implementing rising prices in domestic markets, most of the time it has remained unchanged with slaughter pig prices. In Spain, too, the seasonal price increase takes a break.

Slightly positive trends are reported from the Netherlands and the UK. The Dutch share price has gradually increased by 1 cent from week to week in recent weeks.

In the first three months of the year, pig slaughtering declined in most EU member states, while the decline across Europe is around 1 percent. The developments in Germany and Spain are contrary. While total slaughter numbers in Germany fell by 4.2 percent, they increased by 4.1 percent in Spain.

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