Zoetis receives European Commission approval for variation on PRRS vaccine

Zoetis announced today that they have received European Commission approval for a group of variations on Suvaxyn PRRS MLV.
calendar icon 27 June 2019
clock icon 3 minute read

Suvaxyn PRRS MLV is an innovative vaccine containing a modified live European porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus strain. This provides earlier protection to pigs for fattening, gilts and sows, and an extended duration of immunity.

The onset of immunity for fattening pigs, gilts and sows is shortened from 28 to 21 days and the duration of immunity for gilts and sows is extended from 16 to 26 weeks. Suvaxyn PRRS MLV now offers the earliest piglet vaccination from day one, securing immunity before the risk period that lasts until the end of the fattening.

Pig protection is established 21 days after vaccination and lasts for 26 weeks in fattening pigs, gilts and sows.

“We are very excited about this new group of variations for Suvaxyn PRRS MLV, which allows veterinarians and pig producers to effectively protect young piglets and overcome potential interference with maternal immunity. This is the only PRRS vaccine approved in Europe for administration from the first day of life, inducing effective immunity against PRRS just 21 days after administration. It presents a unique opportunity to have the safeguard piglets at the high risk period of weaning,” said Dr Monica Balasch, Director at Global Veterinary Biologicals Research and Development, at Zoetis.

Professor Enric Mateu at the University Autonomous of Barcelona (UAB) said: “Early establishment of immunity is important in PRRS vaccination of piglets. Most often, the incidence of the infection explodes in nurseries at 5-6 weeks of age after maternally-derived immunity fades out. Having immune piglets at weaning may help to reduce the impact of the disease.”

Additionally, the proven extended 26-week duration of immunity in gilts and sows offers veterinarians and producers more options when designing a PRRS vaccination programme for the breeding animals, either through mass vaccination or by production cycle, with the certainty that they are protected for at least six months after vaccination. Professor Mateu added: “Keeping the immunity of the sows to PRRS at the highest possible level is crucial to have stable herds. The simpler the protocol for recall vaccination against PRRS, the higher the accomplishment.”

Suvaxyn PRRS MLV is a veterinary vaccine that contains a European PRRS virus strain (Genotype 1), which has been grown and attenuated in a uniquely modified cell line developed by Zoetis. For more information click here.

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