Chinese government says that ASF slowing

4 July 2019, at 12:07pm

China’s Vice Agricultural Minister is reporting that fewer outbreaks of ASF have occurred in 2019 and that production is returning to normal.

According to reporting from Reuters, the Chinese government released information stating that the number of new outbreaks of ASF has dropped. However, there are suspicions that the full extent of the outbreak is not being reported.

When asked about reports of new outbreaks of ASF, Vice Minister of Agriculture Yu Kangzhen said that China had reported 44 new cases of the disease in the first six months of 2019. However, pork producers have told Reuters that new outbreaks are not being reported. In some cases, local officials are unwilling to verify the presence of the disease.

Reuters has reported that nearly half of China’s breeding pigs have died from ASF or been slaughtered in order to prevent the spread of disease. This figure is twice as high as the official government estimate.

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